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As a family law firm that has been practicing law in the state of Hawaii since 1989, we understand the people of Hawaii, their families, and their values. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing you with affordable, caring, empathetic, and fair legal services to the people who deserve it. With over three decades of experience in helping families, we are here to get you through the tough and stressful times that family law can bring. When you work with us, we’re on your side and will advocate for you and your best interests.


Pearl City

  • Pearl City, located along the north shore of Pearl Harbor, and has a strong number of families in the area. As a primarily suburban area, living in Pearl City can offer a quiet and more removed living environment that isn’t too far from Honolulu.
  • This area tends to be inhabited by many young professionals and retirees. Pearl City has been listed as the 5th Best Place to Retire in Hawaii.
  • As a law firm that has been based out of Hawaii, we have a firm understanding of what these areas need and what they want. The culture and people of Hawaii deserve the best, and we’re here to provide you with that. We will always represent the people of Pearl City, no matter what family legal issue you may present.

The Law Office of Craig W. Polanzi has been established since 1992, based on the principles of helping families on the island of Oʻahu. With Craig W. Polanzi as the leader of the legal team, we can promise you that you will be taken care of no matter what. Family law can encompass a wide variety of services. Our practice areas include:

There are many definitions of family in today's modern society. Regardless of how you and your family identify, our legal team is here to represent you in the fairest and most efficient way possible. We pride ourselves on offering non-judgmental and fiercely compassionate representation for whatever area you need it in. When you work with The Law Office of Craig W. Polanzi you can rest assured that we will advocate for you and your family.

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